27 Baltimore Schools to be evaluated.

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Baltimore City Public Schools is embarking on a crucial process, a high stakes review for 27 of its schools with operating contracts. Using its “portfolio” approach, City Schools must approve contracts with its charter schools and other schools that are overseen by operating partners. The goal is to give such schools increased autonomy in day-to-day operations while setting clear standards for accountability. As part of that accountability, City Schools must evaluate each school’s progress and let the public know how the school is doing.

Why are so many schools under review?

In the last few years, City Schools has lacked a good process for this kind of school review. This spring, SPSOC funded a project to bring in an experienced consultant that facilitated a working group made up of City Schools staff and school leaders. The work group developed a renewal process in which evaluations are based on both quantitative data and qualitative input gleaned from school visits and surveys.  Through evaluation of academic programming and management, this new renewal process promises to yield a rigorous and comprehensive review.

Without a suitable review process in recent years, City Schools simply extended some school contracts rather than doing a rigorous analysis of their performance. This led to a backlog of renewals that needed to be done. With the new renewal process in place, City Schools is able to undertake a large number of evaluations this year.

The renewal process will begin with evaluations and recommendations from City Schools’ New and Charter School Advisory Board, which is made up of City Schools staff and representatives from the teachers union, parents, the school board, community groups, and local government. I serve on this group. We will work together to review applications, data, and site visit reports and develop recommendations for City Schools CEO Dr. Andres A. Alonso.

Decisions about renewing a school’s contract fall eventually to the Board of School Commissioners, based on recommendations from Dr. Alonso. The goal is to have all renewals voted on by the school board by next February.

These schools’ contracts are up for renewal:

Charter Schools (18)

Coppin Academy

Afya Public Charter School

Baltimore Freedom Academy

KIPP Ujima Village Academy

Northwood Appold Community Academy

Patterson Park Public Charter School

ConneXions Leadership Academy

The Crossroads School

Empowerment Academy

Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School

Midtown Academy

City Neighbors Charter School

Hampstead Hill Academy

Baltimore International Academy

City Springs School

Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences

Collington Square School

Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy

Transformation Schools (5)

Friendship Academy of Science and Technology

Baltimore CIVITAS


Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology

The REACH Partnership School

Other contract/partner schools (4)

Renaissance Academy

New Song Academy

Baltimore Talent Development High School

Montebello Elementary

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  1. Alexis says:

    I as a mother would like to see these schools get rewarded what they need for these children today . It seems to me as if child are not being placed as a priorty in society today. Exspecially for our african american children .These children deserve a higher education an from the majority of baltimore city schools i have to say my heart goes out to the younger generation . The money in balto seems to be goin everywhere else but our children . I hope every school gets rewarded to give our children a decent education that will prepare them for sucess.

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